High quality seedlings of the farm "GADZ" is the key to the success of your high yields.
Winter vaccination in the Gadz farm is held annually.
Non-virgin landing material M9 T337 rootstock was imported from Holland from the well-known gardener Luciano Scar and landed in our nursery with an area of 50 hectares.
With the help of qualified specialists, this year we plan to vaccinate about 300,000 seedlings of various intensive varieties and implement them on the Ukrainian and European markets.
By launching a winter vaccine, we introduced two methods of work:

  1. Conveyor, which greatly increases the productivity of the work.
  2. A way to improve the cappuccino, which allows you to improve the quality of your use.

In the process of work, a vaccine film was used that was covered with growth regulators and fungicide, as well as paraffin of the brand "Red Voks".

Good planting material - high-quality crop.

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